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Rusty Norris
Vice-President & General Manager

Rusty, Gene’s Grandson & Gary’s Son, is the Manager of Norris Towing and is the

3rd generation Norris to take the helm of this recovery company that has been

serving the Cleveland & Bradley County community for over 60 years.

Fred Cote
Fred has many years in towing and recovery.

Once and owner/operator of his own towing company.

Fred joined Norris in 1997.

Nicholas Gregory
Norris Recovery Expert

Eric Moore
Norris Recovery Expert

Eric joined Norris in 2004

Ben Walker
Norris Long-Haul Expert

Joined Norris in 1984

Tony Moore
Norris Battery & Service Expert
Joined Norris in 2009

Gene Norris • 1925-2007 • RIP

Gene Norris was the founder and namesake for Norris Towing.  Gene actively

served the community for until his passing. His legacy is a family owned and operated

recovery company that has been serving the Cleveland & Bradley County

community since 1949. We will miss you, always.

Jarvie Spence • 1950-2010 • RIP

Jarvie first joined Norris in 1971. He served on our team for 35 years

He was a beloved husband, father, brother and friend.

He was a veteran of the United States Marine Corp.

RIP Jarvie. We will miss you.

Our Fallen Brothers

Jay Bledsoe • RIP

RIP Jay. We will miss you.

Gary Norris
Owner & Force of Knowledge

1964-1966 - Athens Votec

1966-1969 - Norris Shell @ Central & Gaut - Mechanic

1969-1970 - Vietnam - Army Artillery

1970 - 1984 - Shop Foreman @ Norris Shell - 25th Street

1984 - 2001 - Manager of Operations @ Norris Chalet Amoco - Georgetown Rd

2001 - Retired from Active Service and became a Force of Knowledge

Robert Cross
Norris Service Expert & Dispatch
Joined April 2012

Bryson Bradley
Norris Intern
Joined May 2014